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Custom branding

TaxCaddy’s custom branding allows you to redesign the TaxCaddy interface with your firm’s logo and brand colors so taxpayers view it as a cohesive, integrated experience rather than an external service.

You can customize the following elements:

  • Firm name
  • Logo
  • Color scheme

Your firm name and logo selections apply to both desktop and mobile layouts.

You can edit your color scheme for desktop and mobile displays separately. A live preview updates in the upper half of the workspace; you can even toggle a preview of Dark Mode. Desktop and mobile editors are separated because some elements appear in a different arrangement on mobile, so you may wish to adjust your colors accordingly. TaxCaddy will return an error message if you accidentally assign colors in a way that will not produce sufficient contrast, such as dark gray buttons on a navy blue background.

Brand styling changes can only be made by a firm administrator account. Once saved, the edits will instantly reflect in the accounts of all your connected clients.


In the examples below, we changed our example firm’s name, logo, and colors from the SurePrep brand identity to the example firm’s brand identity.