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TaxCaddy simplifies the questionnaire experience by displaying only relevant questions, syncing seamlessly between desktop and mobile, and automatically saving progress.

Questions are grouped into categories called life events. At the beginning of the questionnaire, taxpayers are prompted to indicate which life events apply to the tax year. The taxpayer will only see questions related to the life events they select.

The default life events are:

  • First time client
  • Marital change
  • Child or dependent change
  • Moved
  • Bought or sold a house
  • Job changed
  • Owned a business
  • Retirement
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Affected by COVID-19
  • Other questions

Questions in the Other Questions category will display regardless of which life events the taxpayer selects.

Life events can be “hidden” so that they do not appear as options on the taxpayer end.

You can add, edit, or delete questions at will.

TaxCaddy saves user progress after every answer. On desktop, taxpayers see a bold Saved icon as soon as they complete a question. On mobile, questions display one at a time.

This functionality allows taxpayers to return to the questionnaire a little at a time, rather than feeling that they need to block out a large portion of their day, which leads to overwhelm and procrastination. Other questionnaire solutions, like CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration, force taxpayers to answer a full page of questions in one sitting or lose their progress.

The TaxCaddy questionnaire also syncs seamlessly between desktop and mobile. Your client can answer a few questions on their desktop computer, then pick up right where they left off on their mobile device while on the go.

If your client has any questions about the Questionnaire, they can send a message directly to their tax professional from the messaging column on the right-hand side (desktop) or by tapping the messaging icon (mobile). In both the tax professional and taxpayer views, the resulting message thread contains an icon and clickable reference link that clearly links the message thread to the questionnaire.