Customized training and implementation

We have been helping customers implement new technologies since 2002 and we continue to perfect our implementation methodology today.

It is our goal at SurePrep to not just provide you the leading edge tax preparation productivity solutions, but to help you integrate them into your current workflow. To ensure a successful implementation, we will work with “champions” at your firm to customize a training and implementation plan.

Unlimited client support via email, phone, chat, and GoToMeeting ensures that your needs are met.

Training is required for all SurePrep clients.

We have a plan to make you successful, and a process to make it happen

Experience shows that understanding, believing in, and being an integral part of an implementation is paramount to its success.

Understand the process


Believe in the process


Be part of the process

Training and collaboration

How It Works

SurePrep Training: Introduction Meeting

Introductory Meeting

The implementation process begins with an introduction meeting between you and your SurePrep implementation team. This meeting should take place shortly following your purchase of a SurePrep product or service.

The goals of this meeting are to introduce the team members, discuss your firm’s goals and expectations, get a brief overview of your current workflow with respect to 1040 and 1041 tax preparation, and develop a timeline for implementation.

SurePrep Training: Workflow Meeting

Workflow Meeting

Upon understanding your firm’s needs, and where we can best help you streamline to become more efficient, we will customize a training program around the features of our software you agree you would like to utilize. Your SurePrep Client Success Manager will diagram your tax return workflow to ensure all parties understand your firm’s process.

SurePrep Customized Training Program

Customized Training Program

Training consists of recorded tutorials and hands on action exercises. SurePrep will define which recorded tutorials are required to be viewed for each user role. After viewing the recorded tutorials, your team will complete the hands on action exercises. Your SurePrep Client Success Manager will check in with your lead champion to monitor the progress of your training.

  • Tutorial Videos
  • Hands-on action exercises
  • Monitor progress
SurePrep Training: Wrap-Up and Go Live

Wrap-up and Go Live

Following completion of your training, you and your champions will meet with your SurePrep implementation team to review the success of the implementation process, discuss ongoing support and schedule a walkthrough with your sales representative.